Hangry Ohana Restaurant Review

Todd and myself made a trip up to the Parker area this past week to drop something off to a friend, so we decided to try a new restaurant while we were in the area.  Todd used to participate karate tournaments in Parker, so he had been to a few different restaurants up there in the past, and we wanted to try somewhere new to both of us. We both love Hawaiian food, and BBQ, and from what we could see, their menu was an interesting cross between those two styles of cuisine. The owners started with a food truck and grew their business into a restaurant in Parker. Since, we are avid followers and supporters of local businesses, this place seemed right up our alley! In an unassuming strip mall in Parker, Colorado, this little gem is hiding in plain sight!

Let’s take our meal piece by piece, I’ll start with the bacon fried rice…that is right, you did not read that wrong, I said BACON FRIED RICE! Lots of flavor, not greasy, and super delicious! I got the kalbi short ribs, along with the fried rice and macaroni salad. The ribs were perfectly cooked with the right amount of flavor in the marinade.  That macaroni salad was really good as well, not overly mayo-y (yes, I made up that word), and not bland like most I’ve tried. Todd ordered the mix plate with brisket and kalua pork, along with the fried rice and tater tots. Both of Todd’s selections were juicy and full of flavor. I capped off this meal with the pineapple soft serve, which was HEAVENLY!

There were several dishes on the menu I want to try on our next visit. For example, the Kahuku Garlic Shrimp, along with their Yakisoba Bowl with BBQ Chicken. Todd wanted to try the Teri Beef and the Poke Bowl. The only downside to this place is that it is in Parker, and not in Colorado Springs…we strongly recommend you check this place out the next time you are in the area, or even better yet, make a trip to Parker to check it out! And when you do, make sure to leave a review and like their Facebook page.


10471 S Parker Rd., Parker, CO 80134

(720) 287-2516


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