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Our Story

Todd is the cook in our home, and Diana is the writer.  We met in 2008 when we began working together at an electronics store. We stayed in contact over the years, dated on and off, until we were both ready to make a permanent commitment to each other. Once we said we were in, it was full speed ahead.  We started dating in November of 2014. We got engaged September 12, 2015. And, married September 10, 2016.  Along the way, we learned even more about ourselves, what we wanted our marriage to look like, realized that we both are passionate about supporting local businesses, and discovered a deep love of food. We have talked several times since we got married, about starting the blog, and sharing out love for each other, our family and friends, our community, and food. We believe deeply that food does not have to be fancy to be special, it does not have to be expensive to be delicious, and some of the best dishes have meaningful stories behind it. Welcome to our world! The world of the Low Class Foodies!