The Start of the Low Class Foodies

Hindsight is 20/20 they say.  If I had known that Todd and myself would end up married, I might have seen how food would play such a large part in our life together. We met in June of 2008, at the electronics store in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where we both worked. We dated occasionally, nothing formal, most of the time we would just order pizza and watch the Food Network. Six years after we met, we started dating, for real this time. Our first formal date was to Flat Irons restaurant. The date was simple and comfortable, just food and conversation, and we have been eating and talking ever since.  Currently, we both work day jobs in retail, and we both work for locally owned, Colorado based businesses. Because of this, we love supporting other locally owned businesses and restaurants and we are always searching for new places to eat and shop. We found some gems around the state of Colorado over the past 4 years, since we have been together.

On Saturday, September 12, 2015, after a long day at work and a dinner of barbeque, Todd proposed, and I said yes! When we started planning the wedding,and we knew food would play a big role in our big day, and we spent hours discussing all the little, delicious details. We wanted our wedding to be a reflection of who we are, and what we love.  We had a silver tray of bacon passed during cocktail hour, we served tacos from Yolanda’s Tacos (in Castle Rock, Colorado) for dinner, and instead of the traditional cake, we had an ice cream truck to serve dessert. Two days after our wedding, we took off to Crested Butte, Colorado for our honeymoon. The food adventure we had in Crested Butte was amazing! From the pizza at Secret Stash, to the tamales at Teocalli Tamale, and we have to mention the hot donuts at Niky’s Mini Donuts, everything was amazing. Now, we spend many Sundays, trying new places to eat around town.  And in the two years we have been married, we have tried some incredible locally owned restaurants. Some of our favorites include, Sandy’s Restaurant, Mountain Shadows, Fiesta Jalisco, and Josh & John’s Ice Cream. We also love to cook, and try new ingredients. When we were in Breckenridge, this past October, while our friends were in the souvenir store, we made our way to the local spice store to pick up our own kind of souvenir, Breckenridge Spice Rub…delicious by the way!

In March of 2018, while on a drive to Denver to celebrate Todd’s 40th birthday, we started the dream to start this blog. We wanted to share our love of food, and each other, with everyone. We wanted to give you a place where you can come and learn a new recipe, watch us fail at something we found on Pinterest, follow our journey for perfection of a beloved dish, and learn about some incredible restaurants. We plan on showing you some of our favorite restaurants and recipes. We hope you follow us on our journey. It is always a tasty ride!

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